Who Am I

Welcome to Trvln Red Stilettos

Yes. I know. It’s  a funny name but it describes what I love. Travelling and stilettos. The red ones being my favourite. **insert drool here**

This blog is about different places in the world as well as tid bits around physical, emotional, and financial health and funny things my family says. 

It will be different from what you are used to reading.


Well that’s because it’s written like a conversation between me and you.

Why would I do that?

BECAUSE you’re travelling with me silly AND you’re family. 

This is OUR adventure in the world.
You and me. Two peas in a pod or three or four.

Just like partners in crime we’ll discuss   where to go next.
What sights seem really cool to check out. Etc.

Oh wait. You don’t know anything about me. We may hate each other and end up leaving each other and that would be horrible being stranded on your own in a strange land most likely not knowing the language. 

All right, a little bit about me other than a love of stilettos and travel is I love animals. Dogs, cats (although I’m allergic- just can’t seem to NOT smush my face with theirs. They’re so cute!!)

I listen to Top 40 music (don’t judge.)
I LOVE to dance, sing in the shower, road trips and Hike.
I also love tattoos. I’m debating on getting small tattoos from places I’ve gone to.

I’m learning more about photography and really starting to like it.  You may lose me in a crowd because I stopped to take a photo of something random so you may need to tie a string not to lose me.

I also love gadgets and phones more specifically Samsung.
(Yes, we can still be friends iphone users or maybe mortal enemies.  Always wanted one of those.) 

I’ve been a massage therapist since 2003. I am also in Network marketing, Arbonne, a vegan, gluten-free, botanical-based everyday products  and Merchantocracy, a company that works with business owners to systematically decrease their processing fees and helps consumers save money through the Thrive Card program. 

After putting my dog, Téa,  down in 2015  I decided that it was time to explore outside Toronto hence this blog. 

Ultimately,  I would love to sail around the world.

Well, That’s me in a nut shell, a wacky, Crazy person who loves the freedom of travel.

So if I don’t seem too crazy for you, grab your passport and your suitcase. because “We’re leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when we’ll be back again.”



One thought on “Who Am I

  1. Esse J says:

    Excellent idea – about the tattoos … Kind-of-like ‘The Illustrated Man’ (Ray Bradbury) or ‘Momento’ – but about countries. Safe travels … Esse


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