Put the Camera Down?

I watch those videos where they stand there video taping an accident. I think how can these people watch, let alone video tape someone get hurt.

Well, today I was in the same position. I was at the beach taking pictures of a herd of swans minding their own business.

Swan's swimming

Swans Feeding


One of them sees my dog and comes closer and my dog starts barking at them. More likely the other way around. You’d figure they would swim the other way but no, they swim closer. Not just one but all of them started swimming closer to the shore.

Them fight'n words

Them fight’n words.

Getting a little close

Ready for a fight.

I stood there debating to put this on video or put the camera down and pull my dog away.

Protecting the Herd

Protecting the Herd

I took a few more shots then a dragged my dog away. Sorry, no videos, wasn’t too quick on my feet for the switch.

I  can see how people continue to record even you want to put the camera down. You stay with it and have a good story and a video to replay till your hearts content.

What do you think? What are your views on this? Should I have waited it out or stopped right away?

Would you put the camera down or keep recording and hope for the best?


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