Treasure Hunt for Adults.

I decided to visit my friend, Laura, in Simcoe, Ontario for Canada Day, July 1st. (FYI, this is different from Simcoe County near Barrie, Ontario. Simcoe, Ontario is in Norfolk County, near Port Dover.)

Seeing that most people go to Port Dover for the holiday and majority of the stores are closed she suggested we do something called Geocaching.

What is Geocaching you say?

It is a treasure hunt AROUND THE WORLD!! with OVER 2 MILLION geocaches.

It works like this,

1. Download the app (OS or Android- free or premium).

2. Register on their website.

3. Turn of your GPS on your device.

4. Click on any green dot. If you are using the free version, there will be grey dots as well.Main page

5. Click on the Title.   A page pops up and you can read up on the cache, know the difficulty, how active it is and even tips of where it might be located.


6. Click on the compass and it will direct you to the cache. When you get close a pop up will show saying you are close.


7. Find the cache, add your name to the log and put the cache back. You can leave something behind.

8. Click Log Traditional to say whether you found it or not and leave a message.

9. Move to the next point.

10. Repeat #4-9.


I would map out where you are going before you leave, so you are not running/ driving back and forth.

If you have a dog or kids, they make for a great cover up.

Watch out for Muggles (non-geocachers)!

For more information click on the link,

See you on the road!


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