Is Your Dog Ready for Winter?

As I write this post, the wind is howling and snow is on the ground. The first snow fall of 2015.

Are you ready for winter? Is your dog ready?

There are so many products out there to protect your dog’s paws. There are salves, waxes, balloons and boots. Many questions pop up, which one do I chose? Which is the best? What do I use?

Well, look no further, for I have tried 3 products and below are my opinions and the pros and cons of each.


The first is the stick by FOU STICK-PROTECT.

The stick has a base of coconut oil and beeswax that helps to protect against salt.


  • It’s easy to use
  • fairly cheap.


  • Paw prints are left on the floor.
  • I found it didn’t last on our walks around the block.
  • It doesn’t seem to last during a cold night.
  • Tea stopped and licked her paws from the salt and the cold.


The second  are the PAWZ DOG BOOTS.

These boots are natural rubber, waterproof and biodegradable.

Tea checking out her Pawz boots.

Tea checking out her Pawz boots.


  • Multiple balloons in a pack if they rip.
  • The price is good.
  • if you lost one it didn’t matter there was more in the pack.
  • protects well against the salt in the road




Small boots = Broken booties

Small boots = Broken booties


  • Putting them on in the beginning, took a while.
  • Rips easily if your dog has long nails.



Last but not least are the MUTTLUK BOOT:

Sock-like boot with felt liners, leather soles and tip and stretchy cuff.

Muttluk Boot

Muttluk Boot


  • Durable
  • Felt liner keeps paws dry and warm, especially in -20 or lower weather.
  • Protects well against salt.


  • The cost, if you have a large dog, you would pay almost $100 +.
  • Took a while to put on.
  • In deep snow, sometimes a boot will fall off.



For quick use, I would use either the balloons for quick use and  cool temperatures (-10 deg celsius.)

Muttluk too tight





NOTE: don’t trust the box when it comes to paw size. If it looks like this, then it is too small.


To truly protect your dog’s paws, I would invest in the Muttluk Boots. They last for a long time (I’ve had my Muttluks for at least 5 years) and well worth the money.


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