Dad makeover?!?

My dad is hilarious. A few nights ago I came home late from a BBQ and I was sick. I wanted to throw up and no it wasn’t because of the food.  I barely ate or drank.

My dad gave his normal dad speech about how worried he was about me and how I need to rest and take care of myself. 

He made me some ancient Chinese secret tea shipped from Hong Kong for my cold and sent me off to bed after trying to massage my neck and shoulder to stop my headache and help me sleep. 

I know, he’s awesome, right. 

He only sleep 2 hours that night and he went to work.  

No one ever looks good in passport pictures.

He wanted to take another passport photo (original above) and he liked at himself in the mirror and thought how horrible he looked. 

So he asked a female co-worker if she could put make up on his face. 

And she did!

Unfortunately,  he looked the same. 

I never thought my dad would ever wear make upin my life time. 

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.
What do your parents do or say that has you think they’ve been replaced by aliens?  Comment below. 


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