Safety or Paranoia? 


I’m excited about going camping.  I need some R&R (rest and relaxation) and nature. 

I’m going with Emily and she’s training for a triathlon. So I had a thought that on her morning runs I would drive her car behind her to keep her safe.  Her sister is coming which means that she will be woken up and sleep in the car because it’s not safe to keep a 13/14 year old in the tent in their own.

Is it?

Normally I would say…we’re going away for 30 mins, no problem keep her in the tent BUT I just had a client of mine who went to Shanghai for business who had her wallet stolen AND found out she was followed around by 2 men who stole her wallet.

The same day that I saw this client I came home late after a barbeque and got off at my bus stop.

I was “following” a man because we were going the same direction as me. I walked faster and I saw him cross the street and I turned onto my street but heard his flip flops.

As I got closer to my house I intentionally walked towards the back of the house as you can get to both my neighbour’s or my back door via the driveway.

I slowed down to make sure I wasn’t going to hit the sideview mirror of the car and I looked back at him.

I saw that he stopped and was looking at me.

Yes. It was the right decision to go through the back door. Hopefully I confused him and he thinks I lives at my neighbour’s house.

But my point was that camping is a trusting event.  You keep your most valuables in the car.  You sleep in a tent that the only thing that separates you and the outside world is a zippered nylon door.

Are I being paranoid? I know I’m freaked out by the experience and I’m scared but what do you think?


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