Tobermory – The Beginning.

As you know we went up to Tobermory for Emily’s birthday weekend and thank goodness today is Emily’s rest day from her training and we slowly shuffled out of the tent to start the day.

We drove into to Wiarton for pick up some groceries then off to the first place on the list for the day, Greig’s Cave.

textgram_1468970199.png     textgram_1468970471.png

It was a little difficult to get when you don’t have GPS. Totally missed the shorter back road from Wiarton so we had to double back from the main road.

I think this place is the best money for your buck. It only cost $10 for both the caves and scenic lookout.

If you are thinking of going to the caves you MUST wear shoes and sign a waiver.

I have to admit in the beginning I wasn’t sure about the caves, it seemed kind of boring to me.

I was pretty unimpressed but as we continued from cave to cave exploring, it became more interesting and interesting. It was like being a kid again climbing over and under rocks. Out of all the caves, my favourite is the last one.  It actually took my breath away. (Sorry, no picture. You’re going to have to go and check it out yourself).


Emily and Rachel exploring the caves.


Me being surprised by the caves.


We decided to take a detour to Cabot Lighthouse on the way back to Tobermory.

It takes about 20km on a paved and narrow dirt road to get to and it felt like it was taking forever to get to, but what a delight it was to go inside. This is the ONLY lighthouse in the area where you could go to the top.  It was cool that they had fossils, different artifacts from the past and a dead snake.

textgram_1469467680.png     textgram_1469145441.png

Last stop for the day, Tobermory sweet shop.

I found downtown a little tiny BUT the salted caramel ice cream sandwich at the Sweet Shop swayed my decision of the town.

I totally scored. They ran out of premade ice cream sandwiches so they made me one with my own ice cream.

It was delicious. (Sorry no pic.)  I ate it too quickly to even take a photo.

Went back to the campsite to make nachos for dinner.

I can’t believe I kept it in the fire too long and it burnt the nachos and the cheese. 😔 It ended up being rock hard. (Too embarrassed to take a photo).

Tomorrow’s dinner will be better.  I promise.

What did you think of today’s adventure?

Been to Tobermory before? What would you have done differently?

Tomorrow we’re off bright and early to Flowerpot Island. (Click here)



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