Tobermory – The End

Day 3 of Camping at Tobermory.

Last night was freezing!!

The blanket we bought didn’t work.  You want know why?

I opened the window in the tent to air out the tent in the morning and forgot to zip it up.

Yeah.  Let’s just say we were all grumpy.

We did have an awesome breakfast that I made: eggs, home fries, turkey bacon, and french toast.

With our bellies full and car packed, we are off to The Grotto.

The thing about The Grotto is to get there early.

The early bird catches the worm.

Unfortunately,  that wasn’t us. We got to Cyprus Lake at 9:30am and ALL parking lots were full.

So we opted to speed up our plans and hang out in Sauble Beach for the rest of the day.

Sauble Beach kind of reminds me of your typical beach town.  Shops selling blankets,  bikinis, trunks and all your water needs.

What was convenient (if you had data) was top pay for parking via your phone.

Parking itself was super expensive $15 all day.  $3/hour.

Me debating to nap or go for a swim.

Waves waiting to be played in.

The waves were plentiful and unfortunately the sun was not.  It was overcast and windy.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on today but I’m tired. I feel asleep in the car on the way over to Owen Sound. And now I all I want to is nap in the beach.

Ok, I change my mind about this place.

I went in the water with Rachel, Emily’s sister,  while Emily went for her run.


Rachel jumping the waves.

Who knew jumping waves was a lot of fun and tiring.

I was hungry and wanted to cook up some hot dogs and forgot the bikes were on the trunk where the camping stove was.  Totally disappointment.  Luckily Emily finished her run at the same time we got to the car. So we headed back to the city and stopped off to have dinner, aka pizza.  Mmmm pizza.

There is something to be said about going away and coming back to sleep in your own bed.  😀 

Good night everyone.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

This is a reminder of our Epic Adventure to Europe, Russia,  Mongolia, China, and Hong Kong at the end of September which is fast approaching.

Start saving your money and get your passport and visas in check.

If you missed our other adventures in Tobermory click here for Grieg’s Cave or Flowerpot Island.


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