Tobermory – The Middle.

Today we’re going to Flower pot island.

I didn’t know until I picked up the tickets that we weren’t on the glass bottom boat. :(.

 I really wanted to see the sunken ships in the way but the captain of the jet boat  made the ride over a lot of fun with twists and turns.

Flowerpot Island is very pretty.  The colours of the water with the contrast of the land makes it very picturesque. (Click here to see more pics of Flowerpot Island).  I started getting slight light headed as we hiked the island which messed up the rest of the day along with the really bad heart burn Emily had we weren’t having a great day. So going to the Grotto was going to be put in hold.  I know it sucks as this trip was centred around going to Cyprus Lake.

We decided to go to Lion’s Head for some Gaviscon in hopes that it would help Emily’s heart burn.

On the way over to Lion’s head,   there was a serious accident on the major highway.

Air ambulance going to the accident.

Air ambulance landing on the road.

Serious enough for The air ambulance landed on the road.

So we stayed south of the crash ie. Have lunch in own sound,  in hopes of waiting out the clean up.

We also went to buy a blanket as the air mattress kept deflating and we were all freezing last night.

WOW even after 5 hours the road was still closed. It must have been a really bad accident.

Thank god there was a dirt road that we were able to take and weren’t trapped there.

Tomorrow we go to the Grotto and Sauble Beach before we head home.

 So rest up we have a  long day ahead of us tomorrow.

Missed yesterday’s adventure to Grieg’s Cave? Click here to read about it.


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