7-Day Europe Sampler Tour: Day 1 & 2

I’ve always wanted to go to Amsterdam and I knew I didn’t  want to stay in London for new years so I decided to do a 7-day tour through Europe on a bus. I felt like a new born baby in a car.  Where I would sleep every time the car started moving. 

I went with Expat Tours via Tourradar and the first stop was Paris.  Now Paris isn’t part of my bucket list.  It just seems like a big tourist area.  And maybe the Eiffel Tower would be cool to look at but I was completely wrong.

I went to Notre Dame but didn’t go into the cathedral until the evening. It was different than I thought. I expected it to be bigger.   I was disappointed.  I guess I thought it would look more like the Disney movie bit it was dark. I returned at night and there was a mass service going on so it may have been darker than normal. 

Next I went to Musée d’Orsay. It is a lot bigger than I thought.  It had Van Gogh, lots of sculptures and more. It is in an old museum and there were different levels with made it bigger than expected.

Luckily I bought timed tickets online for the Louvre, IN ADVANCED. The unreserved line up was long. It was approximately an hour and a half or more wait. 

For me, I just walked right in as there was no one in the reserved line. It was a lot bigger than I  thought.  I got lost and I had no idea where I was even with a map so I think I did 95% of the Louvre in about 4 hours.

The next stop was the Eiffel Tower, up close and personal.  To stand under the tower you have to buy tickets and since it was foggy i decided to stand beside it.

I went to the Arc de Tromphe. I didn’t go up on top  as it cost 12€ but i did get to touch the arc and walk under it.  Being the 2nd largest arch in the world it was really high that you couldn’t take a whole pic of the arc. 

It did have a great view of Avenue des Champs  Élysées which has expensive shops like Cartier, Louis vitton. And the only white arch for McDonald’s and a huge ferris wheel at the end of the street.

After 40,000 (total of 45,975) and sore feet, I decided to go back and rest for a long day tomorrow. 

That’s right, I’ll be ringing in the New Year in Switzerland and the next day up to Jungfraujoch. The “top” of Europe. It is the highest railway station in Europe. 
I do apologize if this post comes out unorganized. I am doing this all from my phone.

More photos to come later. 

See you in the New Year.


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