7-Day Europe Sampler Tour. Day 4

Talk about a jam packed day!

A later start than usual, we had breakfast at 8am. I don’t  know what it is about Switerland but the bread tastes better, the coffee tastes better. Maybe it’s the Swiss air.

The journey to Jungfrau consists of 3 trains. Each train taking about 15 to 40 mins per section. It winds around the mountain with various ski hills at every stop. What was cool was the 5 min stop in the mountain/glacier to take a photo.

I don’t  know if it was the 4 chicken butt shots,  the 6 hour sleep, the altitude or the combo of them all but at every stop I started feeling more nauseous. At the top I wanted to throw up As I kept going I was getting lightheaded and had to stop and put my head betwern my knees.

I pushed on through and walked the tour aka the path that lead to different areas of the mountain. 

There was a 360 which was a large screen that pictured clouds.

The sphinx which lead to the observatory area and a view to die for.

An area that showed the history of the railway station.

An ice sculpture area. Look out for the squirrel from Ice Age.

An outdoor area where you can walk on the glacier up a small hill to the Swiss flag.

The Lindt chocolate store.

There was also an area where you could hike outside in the glacier and walk towards a restaurant. I didn’t  do this part as I felt so sick I left on the train to go back to the hotel.

I definitely would recommend anyone to pay the crazy amount of money and do this once in a lifetime experience. How often do you get to walk on a glacier at the Top of Europe!
Afterwards, We headed out to Interlaken after our 3-course meal with a fondue starter.

We hopped on the train to make the 8 o’clock fireworks. 

What was so great about the fireworks was that it was set to music. 

Early night tonight.  Gotta pack as we set off at 7am for the Rhine Valley.


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