7-Day Europe Sampler Tour. Day 6.

Off to Amsterdam. Luckily it was about 5 to 6 hour drive. 

Our 1st stop in Amsterdam is a windmill. 
Next we go to a cheese and clog making farm. 

We had live demonstrations of the clog making and sampled some cheese.  They were so good I had to buy one and now I’m carrying it with me everywhere. 
After the farm, we quickly go back to the hotel to freshen up we hop on the bus and head to the city centre for a dinner cruise in the canal. We had a short stop at the I Am Amsterdam sign.

On the cruise we got to see part of the Light Festival that is going on in the city. 

Afterwards we go for a walking tour in the Red Light District. You are not allowed to take pictures but I got one from far away. The red neon lights is one of the houses with women behind the windows. 

I have to admit that I did try a “special” muffin called a space cake.

I had half and split it with someone else  I also tried the lightest joint they had and split that between 3 people.

As time went by I was feeling tired and then really happy. My arms and body felt really heavy especially my arms. I also felt like I was moving slowly. I had trouble focusing on writing this post, so I apologize it if doesn’t  make sense.

I’m now tired. I’m going to bed before I sleep in the restaurant table at the hotel. I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow.


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