7-Day Europe Sampler Tour. Day 7.

Today the bus is heading over to Burges and back to London via the ferry and the White Cliffs of Dover. 

I on the other hand am staying an extra day in Amsterdam to see more of the city and to see the rest of the Light Festival and maybe have a whole space muffin before driving out to Frankfurt. Autobahn here I come!…tomorrow.

As for how I feel, not bad. I’m glad I got to sleep in.  I was knocked out and probably had a great sleep. I’m not sure it it’s the extra hours of sleeping in horizontally vs. seated.

 Today I took it easy. I moved yo a hostel whuch was very nice. WOW Amsterdam. It must have been a converted school or business building.  It’s  roomy and it doesn’t feel clausterphobic with 8 beds in the room or 4 bed bunk beds.

 Today’s goal is to walk and see the rest of the light festival. I saw Anne Frank’s house and Rembrant’s house. 

I got myself lost as usual and managed to make my way to Amsterdam Centraal station.

I did go back to get another space muffin. This time I tried the whole thing before going on the light festival cruise. Unfortuately. Everything I saw last night on the dinner cruise was the same. :(. 

I didn’t  feel anything until I got off the boat. It felt like I was drunk. I felt like I couldn’t stand up straight. I was also paranoid thinking that people knew I was high.

I managed to make it back to my hostel safe and sound with enough energy to just lie down in bed. 


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