Lead Foot.

Damn it!

Don’t you hate it when you’re having fun and something bursts your bubble.

I left Frankfurt early to make sure I returned the rental car in time. 

What was great was the graffiti art sprawled along the highway. It was unfortunate that I wasn’t able to take photos of them.  

I almost picked up a hitchhiker. I even turned my car around and drove 20 mins to go back to where I saw him.  He wasn’t there when I drove by again.  

I know you must think I’m crazy but I do know how much it sucks to want to go somewhere and you don’t have the money or whatever the reason they have for hitchhikking and have cars drive by.

So…since I was on my own for 5 hours I turned up my music and was dancing in my seat. I was having so much fun and as I made a turn just before a bridge before Düsseldorf…BAM! 

A bright light. I was caught speeding by a speed camera. 

I went from carefree and fun to serious and anxious. All I could think of was how much money is it?  How do I pay for it?  And just how stupid I was for getting caught not even so much that I was speeding.  I still don’t  even know by how much I was speeding by.

What I do know is that if the car company gets the speeding ticket they will charge my car with an extra €25 for a service fee. 

Anyway, that is in the past. The next journey which I decided last night/this morning was to travel to Berlin. 

I know, I’m kind of kicking myself for  renting a car when I could have just left from Frankfurt. 

I’ll be staying there for about 5 days then back to London to meet Hannah then back on a train to Glasgow. 

See you in Berlin.


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