What to do?  What to do in Berlin for 5 days? 

The train ride over was not very exciting as it was so dark you couldn’t see anything.

We arrived 2.5 hours late and I missed my check-in time. 

Why was I late? 

Someone decided to take their life and jump in front of our train. In a situation like that I couldn’t be annoyed or angry. I thought of how terrible it must have been for someone to feel so hopeless that they needed to end their life. My heart goes to that person’s family and friends as I’m sure they had no idea how bad it was getting for them and the sudden loss of a loved one is always difficult.

On the up side, I did get a free room with breakfast for the delay.

I didn’t sleep well that night so today is a low key day. 

Laundry. Check into my new hostel. And plan my day for the next few days.

I’m looking into the Berlin Welcome Card, the 72 hour pass includes free entry to Museum Island. You know me and museums.

After doing laundry I decided to walk around and do some geocaching.

The first geocache I did was at ? ?  I was about to get the cache then security came. So that didn’t go to well.

I decided just to look at the sights and if there were any caches I would try and get them. Luckily there were a few in the direction I was going. 

I ended up going home after an hour because it was freezing and I had to use the loo/washroom/toilet .

Tomorrow I will be going to the East Wall gallery, Check Point Charlie and whatever else near by.


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