Berlin – Day 3 – Postdamr’s Sanssouci Park 

Wow! My legs are tired, are yours? 

The weather today calls for cloudy sky’s and tommorrow calls for snow so I think today would be the best day to walk the Sanssouci Park and Potsdam in general. 

After the 45 min ride  from hostel to train station, I walked to the Neues Palais. This was the summer home of Fredrick the Great’s wife. 

Neues Scholsis

Front of Neues Scholsis

Across from the Palace is the University. To be honest I think it looks better than the palace. 

A short walk to the Schloss Charlottenhof (Palace) which doesn’t even look like much at all.  More like a really nice house with a great back yard. 

I’m sure it’s beautiful in the summer with grape vines and a water fountain.

Coming across a building that looked out of place. I thought it looked like an Italian winery but it was the Römidche Bäder/Roman Bath house. 

We keep walking along the path to Orangeries Scholosis/Orangey Place. Although you can’t see it in the pucture, it has a fountain on the 2nd tier that goes into a bunch of water spouts in the 3rd teir and  very large fountain at the garden level. 

 Unfortunately it was closed for renovations but I did walk around and came across Belevedere Klausberg/ Belevedere on the Klausberg. To get there tou walk down a wall of tall trees. I felt like on of the women in Jane Eyre’s novel. It looks a lot further than it looks.  

Garden in front for Orangeries Scholsis

Belevedere Klausberg

As we slowly walk back towards the Sanssouci Palace to find out there are more things to see. There is the Chinesisches Haus,  the Windmill, the Ruinenberg with the Normanischer Turm/ Ruins with the Norman Tower.

Chinesesisches Haus



The ruins were created for King Fredricke to surround the water tank that was there. 

Water Tank

The Sanssouci Palace was surprisingly small but boy the garden is to die for. It has approx 6 tiers to be greeted by a large fountain which ducks and swans would swim.

Sanssouci Palace

View from the bottom

As the sun went down, you could barely see the Church of Peace, the Obelisk and the Bildergalerie.

Church of Peace



Since it was still early, I did a little bit of geocaching and walked around town then headed home to pack to check out and have our day adventure and a 630 am flight for the day after. Which means a day of cramming in last minute sight-seeing and then napping at the airport until the flight leaves. 


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