Berlin -Day 2


Winter has come!

I’m so cold. I was cold at night. The cold/wind cuts through my coat and I’m even wearing layers.

I may need to double up or even triple up on the number of hats I wear tomorrow.

How do they do it here?  What is their secret?

Alright, enough of my complaining. Today we did quite a bit if walking and getting lost on the metro system.

Check Point Charlie was a border stop. It used to be a check point put up by the Americans. Did you know that Berlin was broken into 4 parts after WWII.

I didn’t go to the museum but the gift shop had pieces of the wall for sale for €9.45.i was tempted to buy a few, as gift of course.

After that it was to Potsdam Platz. They have the Berlin Mall and they also have a few pieces of the wall. This was where the wall use to run when it was put up.

After getting lost for about 10 mins, it was off to Alexanderplatz. In the Plaza was a world time clock. 

I set off to the Berlin Memorial. I stopped off to have lunch and googled why the wall went up in the first place.  

The memorial gave a physical representation of where the wall was, the hidden tunnels, and the wires. They also had pictures throughout the different time periods.

I’ll talk more about the Berlin Memorial on another post.  there is so much to speak about. 

I hopped on the metro and was off to the East Wall Gallery when I saw the Berlin Cathedral and decided to go for a quick look.

As I walked around I realized it was Museum Island. It’s a section of Berlin that had 5 different museums and the cathedral. 

I’ll speak about that on another post because we’ll be going there. 

For photos of the East Wall Gallery click here. There are way too many to put in this post. I mean, it is approx 1.5 km wall. To keep people from putting graffiti on the murals there was a gate. 


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