Berliner Mauer

What I love about travelling is that you never know what to expect.

As I walked around the city looking at the reminence of the wall I became very sad.

when I returned to my hostel, I even looked up the background of the wall. Why was it put up in the first place.

Here is some history.

These facts were take from youtube video from The World Geographic Channel.

1. After WWII, Germany was split into 4 parts, America, Britain, France and Soviet union.

2. Berlin was also split up into 4 parts with Russia having the largest piece (East Berlin).

3. People were allowed to freely move between east and west.

4. Many East Berliners were moving to the West.  To stop the movement a barb wired fence was put up over night.

5. Over the years, the fence changed from barbed wires, to poorly made cement fences, to sophisticated car, truck and even a light-tank proof wall that we see today. The wall was considered an “anti-democracy wall”.

6. They built an inner wall with a death zone that had layers of defences – wired fencing topped with barb wires, mines, anti-car ditches, and railway tracks in an X shape to stop trucks. The zone was surrounded by watch towers and guns, watch dogs and spotlights. (Talk about some serious defence.)

 As I was walking looking at the representation of the wall and tunnels, etc. I became really sad.

Imagine being separated by loved ones and not really being able to see them only through peep holes made through the cracks in the wall.

For me where it really hit me was when I walked around a steel wall to stare at a stark white enclosed wall structure where I could only see the top of a watch tower.

As I peeped through the holes I could only see bits and pieces of what was in front of me.

Then reading about a man, who was separated from his mother when he was young and could only communicate with her by letter through a hole in the wall. One day he decided enough was enough and tried to climb over the wall. He almost made it but was shot and fell off the wall.

The experience made me grateful for the freedom I have. 

Click here to see photos of Berliner Maurer.

update: I wrote that Korea was part of this it was actually France. It is now correct.


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