Berlin -Day 4

Today was forecast to be a horrible day.  What better way than to stay warm in the museum more specifically, Museum Island.

Museum Island has 5 museums and it’s not a real island, more like an inlet.

Today we went to Pergamon Museum, the Alte National Galerie and the Bode Museum.


Due to the renovations of one of the wings wasn’t open. What was were the Islamic  and Ancient Neat East  exhibits.

I like this museum in that there was one way in and out so you knew when you were done that floor.

I found the Islamic floor appealing than the 1st floor maybe because I’ve seen the similar motifs at other museums.  What was different was the reproduction of the program street which was really cool.


This gallery houses art from the 19th century. From sculptures to paintings. I was surprised how quickly I was able to go through the museum.

Then again when you have 4 other museums close by why do you need them all under 1 roof?

I left to grab some lunch at the Irish pub and was in the room with a group of guys wearing dark sweaters and 1 guy dressed like Pinocchio.

Later I found out that the guy dressed like Pinocchio was getting married in about a month and this was his bachelor party. It seems that they started at 430am in London and will keep on going until they leave.  I met them at 2pm so  I was surprised they lasted this long.

They kept me thoroughly entertained for about 3 hours with their board/dice game and conversations that I had 1 hour to see one more museum.  The Bode Museum.


It showcases 13th to 18th century art including coins.

I was presently surprised how much I enjoyed this museum.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish before it was time to close.

Maybe tomorrow,  we’ll see.



The Berlin Welcome Card has a deal for 3 days to see all 5 museums plus transit plus discounts at other attractions.  If you go and want to see these museums it may be worth it to buy the card. You can get it at most hotels and hostels.
Photos will be on a separate post.

Pergamon Museum Photos here

Alte National Galerie here

Bode Museum Photos here


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