Berlin Cathedral 

Along with a day at the museum, we also went to the Berlin Cathedral.

At the time that, it costs €10 but with the Berlin Welcome Card it was €7.

Walking into the cathedral it was pretty but really unimpressive. Like most cathedrals, just seeing the inside is all you get. Thank for your money, you can leave now.

But here, it was different.

There was a sign that directed you to follow a  self-walking “tour”.

Climbing higher to the other floors, you’ll see a museum of different churches built by the same architecture, in the basement was a crypt of past royalty, kings, queens and their children and of course, the walkway around the dome.

King Fredricke I, Fredrick the Great and his wife were also “buried” in this church.

King Fredricke’s coffin

His wife’s coffin, Queen Sophie Charlotte

I loved that there were multiple signs that directed you to the dome with a warning.

Luckily the weather held out and I was able to go up.

The small turns and the steepness of the stairs made it easy to feel a little dizzy.

The stairs going up

The view was pretty despite the overcast clouds. They even had a paid telescope as well.

How far can I see?

Just being able to go outside  and seeing the crypt was worth the €7 in my book.
The View From the Dome.


One thought on “Berlin Cathedral 

  1. Colonell Azam Qadri says:

    Awesome puctures Melody. Great quality and as they say “pictures speak a thousand words” so true with your work.
    Its art work my friend.
    Colonel Azam Qadri
    Military Biographer and Historian


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