Berlin -Day 5

I decided to go to the furthest  place first which was the Teufelberg in Grunewald Park.

According to Wikipedia, Teufelberg in German means “Devil’s Mountain”. It is a man-made hill, made from the rubble from the war. It was also where the Nazi’s created a military college, which was never finished. It was so sturdy the Allies attempted to destroy it but failed.

The U.S. and British military  used the hill to spy on their enemies. It started small and grew into the monster it is now.

Of course I got lost getting there but I did get there. 

The cost to get in is €8. 

It is an artist’s wet dream or an OCD’s nightmare.  There is so much “stuff” and the space is amazing. I was scare I would pull a muscle in my neck from turning my head from side to side. 

You’re  going to have to wait for ALL the pics in another post (and there is A LOT) but here are a few of my favourites.

I walked to the top of the tower and in some parts it was a little scary. because was no light in some parts of the staircase.

When I got to the top it was eerie. You can hear a light echo and someone was whistling.  It was like a scary movie as you wait for someone to jump out at you.  

But then the fear turned into calm as I say and was just with the space and the sounds.  The whistling of the wind became louder and the voices became softer.

I admit I did feel a little light-headed while I was up there. 

After leaving Teufelberg I did one geocache and then got myself lost, once again.  This time Google sent me in the wrong direction.  Luckily it was only 5 mins.  

Now, we’re off to the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.  I have to admit as an “art structure” that takes up a whole city block, it looks cool but you wouldn’t know it was a memorial at all.

Memorial for Murdered Jews of Europe

I also went to the Memorial to Homosexuals Persecuted Under Nazism which is across the street from the Memorial for Murdered Jews of Europe. Same thing, wouldn’t  know what it was if you saw it. 

It’s a black concrete or granite box that shows a film of men kissing men, or women kissing women. there is no sign or plaque to indicate what it is.

Next and possibly the last thing to do today before grabbing my suitcase is to go to Reichstag. 

Reichstag is Berlin’s parliment.  It’s where they do their debating and decision making for the country. 

Security is serious here. I know it’s the parliment and still. 

  1. Register in advanced for a timed-slot.
  2. Show your passport.
  3. X-ray your bag and coat.
  4. Wait till everyone is done going through security.
  5. A worker escorts you to the inside of 1st door.
  6. The 2nd door opens and you walk in towards the elevator. Which according to the sign holds 45 people.
  7. Then you are let out on the 4th floor to the dome. Which is open both at the top and the bottom.

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the Reichstag. The audio helps and it’s free!

This building is green. It has solar panels, it has 360 degree mirrors that has a sun shade to help divert light.

Steel sun screen

The openness of the dome allows for stagnant air to leave and fresh air to be recycled in. 

If you do go, keep your coat on.  It looks like it’s attached to the building but it’s not. 

What I liked was the glass ceiling that opened to see parliment and around the glass.

There is a storyboard of Berlin ‘s parliment, from the Monarch to it’s first parliment to it’s dictatorship to democracy. 

They even have blocks beside the Reichstag which shows where the wall used to be. 

Reichstag With the wall

After the wall

There is also a memorial for those who were murdered and persecuted  members of the Reichstag of the Weimar Republic.

One or two persons name on each piece.

The best thing I saw on the way to the airport were 2 guys varying a small couch onto the S-Bahn.

Now I’m here trying to fall asleep but not really before my flight.   There are others who have taken to the floor, benches and tables for a nap.

Waiting for check in counter to open

See you in Glasgow, Scotland.


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