Travelling Blues

I don’t  know what I was thinking booking a 6:30 am flight. The plan was to arrive 10 hours early at the airport and do something and nap the time away.

There was only 2 free outlets in the terminal.  Luckily I was able to snag one and used the euro charger with 4 ports (I was thinking ahead, not like I have about 4 devices to charge) and was able to have other people charge  their phones as I made my bed on the floor. 

As my paranoia of having my stuff stolen got pushed over by the need to sleep, I could feel the air system create a Me sandwich with a coldness of the floor. 

I got to nap a little bit but now I’m freezing.

As I look around I can see that I’m the only person with a luggage cart and a big suitcase which means that I will most likely pay a hefty fee for having it be over weight. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get to the counter.

At least the extremely long line has dwindled with 4 people behind the desk rather than 2.

UGH!! I just paid $53.05 US for 5 KG over AND $47.75 US to check my bag. Stupid bottle of wine and cheese!

I must be tired if I’m blaming wine and cheese for me paying $142.35US for an excess baggage.

Next time I’ll pay the extra for a flight with free baggage. See you in a couple of days after.


Before going through thw gate (I think it’s just for London), you need to go through a passport check by German Police. Does that happen anywhere else?

The 7-day Europe trip didn’t give me a stamp so the police at the passport took a while before he let me through.

After landing safely in London,  it seems that I has a warning in my passport. It was explained to me that I’ve  been hanging around the UK too long. I have no ticket home and I have no ties to family, home or job back home for me to go back. So it is a warning to other customs office I MAY  want to stay in the UK illegally. If I have 1 more warning, 

I get denied into the country.

The 2nd warning in my passport

So, Book your ticket home. Don’t hang out in one place too long and have a house to go home to then you can avoid a black mark on your passport.

Took a train with Hannah to Glasgow where we dropped our stuff off in her really tiny room before heading out to her friend’s place for dinner.

I was impressed. Her friend can cook. It tasted like it came from the restaurant. Unfortunately, my camera died and I couldn’t  take any photos.

I’m sure tomorrow I won’t  be as cranky and complain as much. Not sure what we’re  doing in Glasgow but I’ll figure something out.


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