Kelvingrove Art Museum Photos

Glasgow Boys

Anna Pavlova by John Lavery

The Star in the East by George Henry and EA Hornel

The Coming of Spring by EA Hornel

The Brownie of Blednoch by EA Hornel

Blue Flax by EA Hornel

Japanese Lady with a Fan by George Henry

In a Japanese Garden by George Henry

The Art of Alick Tipoti

Melanesian traditional patterns of Torrea Strait.

Kirisal by Alick Topoti, Thoe Tremblay

Gabau Goeyga by Alick Tipoti

Scottish Colourist

The Pink Paradol – Bertha Case by JD Fergusson

An Allegorical Landscape: Autumn by Jan Brueghel the Younger and Hendrik van Balen the Elder

Nature and Her Followers by Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel the Elder

The Doctor’s Visit by Frans van Mieris the Elder


Salvador Dali 

Playong around in the Mini Museum

Blending in with the art


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