Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis 

I don’t know what it is about Glasgow but I feel like I should be strolling down the street, sipping a mug of tea and just admire the surroundings.

I mean I’ve tried to walk like the Glasgow residents do and I don’t  think my legs move that fast. Really, where is the fire? Maybe it’s  so they don’t  get hit by cars crossing the toad or because it’s  cold and they need to warm themselves up  with 

Today I went to the post office to mail some stuff I don’t need on my trip to lighten the load as you’re only allowed 15 kg of luggage on the plane. 

My bag on the way from Berlin to London was 26 kg. I don’t  want to be paying another $50 US for going over by 5 kgs.

Today’s  adventure takes us to the Glasgow Necropolis and the Glasgow Cathedral.

The cemetery had really interesting headstones and mausoleums. 

The entrance to the Necropolis

Statue inside a mausoleum.

Row of tombstones

The cathedral inside looked different for me than the others.  dark yet beautiful.  I lived the lines of the ceiling and little info plaques they had around to describe what we’re  are seeing.  

I think this cathedral is inviting and earn compared to other cathedrals. Maybe not so much the outside but the inside. It has a certain appeal.

You decide and let me know. 

Inside the cathedral

Stained glass window

They even had a lower church, which I gathered was the old church. Don’t  quote me on that.  

Below was also the tomb of St Mungo

Chapel of St. Nicolas in the basement 


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