I’ve been here in Birmingham for 5 days now. I’m mainly here for a 2-day TEFL (teaching english as a forgeign language) classroom course.

Monday was a rest day and laundry and I pretty much stayed in bed all day napping and watching Netflix.

Our first day out in Birmingham brings us walking around the neighbourhood  of Digbeth. From what I can see it is industrial and commercial, but they have great at murals on every street.  

Afterwards, we walk across town to the Birmingham Art Museum around Victoria Square.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Victoria Square in front of the Council House

I like this museum.  The inside looks like a train station.  The areas are clearly marked and the layout is really simple.  

The was the first museum I hung out in the café and didn’t feel like I had to leave right away. 

Cafe in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

They had haggis for their special but unfortunately, it wasn’t vegetarian.

After the museum, I walked around geocaching which took me past the Gas Basin, the Birmingham Library, the Hall of Memories and through New Street which is a pedestrian walkway.

Birmingham Hebrew Congregation 

Anyone need a light?

Love Lock Bridge

The Cube

Urban by Tempers

Gas Basin

Walk of Stars

The Lost Transformer

Birmingham Library which has 9 floors

Hall of Memories

Bullring/ New Street


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