Starting a New Chapter

I’ve been home for about a week now. It’s always fun battling new sleeping hours.

My sister always has great ideas, (just don’t tell her I told ya.) What I love even more is that she does her research before even telling you about it.

This time she was telling me about the ketogenic diet. It said it may help balance out my hormones as it was out of whack and how the nausea and heachaches were getting worse since January and it was probably because of the IUD I had put in August.

So I’m giving the ketogentic diet a chance.

Today is day 1 and Wow, do I have a horrible headache.

Now it could be the food poisoning I gave myself when I didn’t put the tuna avocado I made in the fridge right away. Yeah, I know now what to do.

Do this morning I made a smoothie (sorry forgot a pic), for lunch I made a super salad from Costco with chicken and added hemp hearts,and chia seeds.Dinner was a peaches and cream oats.

I got the all the recipes from except the salad And so far they have been yummy!

I had a hell of a headache after lunch and needed a nap, maybe it’s the caffeine withdrawl, lack of water or the detox. Who knows. I just know I feel blah. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Lunch: chicken with super salad

Peaches and cream oatmeal

If you have any ideas how to soften the detox process, I’d love to hear it.


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